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A Christmas story told using shirts

Nov. 10, 2020

Pinterest has been a good resource for ideas not just for your home and room makeover but also for anything and everything artistic such as wardrobe and casual wears.

Here at Shirts and Prints PH, we tried to challenge ourselves to paint a Christmas story using the shirt designs we saw at Pinterest and we thought we could share it with you.

Here it goes:

Single & Ready To Jingle Christmas Shirt

There was once a single lady and single gentleman who is now ready to mingle and find true love.

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer Christmas Shirt

The gentleman decided to go out with friends and drink beer.

I’m dreaming of a wine Christmas Shirt

While the lady went out with her girlfriends to chat and have some wine. Little did they know that their friends have been conspiring to play cupids and introduce them with one another.

Naughty and Nice couple Christmas Shirt

The first surprise meeting went well and it only took a few months for the two to click and officially become a couple. The man was naughty while the other was nice. They now celebrate Christmas as couples for the first time using this matching custom couple shirts.

Just Merry’d Christmas Shirt

Another year has passed and they have decided to finally get married during the Christmas season to commemorate the blessed month that they have met wearing this awesome matching couple sweater shirts.

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Christmas Shirt

Another year passed, and the couple are still happily married. One is happy, while the other is married. You take a guess which is which. LOL

Doesn’t take them long to realize that actually living with another human being will require amazing amount of patience, love and compromise. The man now realizes that he will always have the last word in their household – “yes love.” Such is the key to a long and lasting relationship with his wife.

Kidding aside, they now progress with their love by adding humor to their yearly tradition of meeting friends and wearing a couple shirt for Christmas.

First Christmas as Dad and Mom Shirt

But this year wasn’t an ordinary year. There’s a saying that goes, the third one is the charm. So does this couple coming in with a little bundle of joy for their yearly tradition of wearing matching Custom Christmas Shirts, for the first time, as a family. And they’ll realize how beautiful life really is now that they have a baby to nurture as they cultivate their love as a couple.

The End.

Jesus is the reason for the season Christmas Shirt

That’s our shirt story and we hope you liked it!

But don’t forget that the true reason for the season is Jesus and his life giving example for each and everyone for us to take inspiration from.

It’s only 45 days away from Christmas! Make sure you prepare before the rush season of buying comes. Custom shirts for your family and clan will never go out of style, so if you wish to stand out this Christmas using your statement Christmas shirt but can’t find one that represent your mood or feelings, then contact Shirts and Prints PH for your t-shirt printing service here in Manila. We will be happy to help you stand out this Christmas season.

7 spooky shirt designs in Pinterest that truly stood out during last weekend’s Halloween!

Halloween just ended and our team from Shirts and Prints PH would like to share some shirt designs from Pinterest that really is spooky fun!

  1. Classy and a stylish halloween shirt with a glass of wine and more cheese please!

2. So where your witches at?

3. Why endure EDSA traffic when you can drive a stick and fly instead?

4. Even your dad will be scared when he sees this shirt!

5. Who needs a scary costume when the whole year has been scary enough for all of us right? 

6. When see your “friends” become like these, I guess you should run?

7. Skeleton! You can literally see right through me?

So which shirt spooked you out the most?

Halloween and costume parties can be very competitive and stressful as you need to balance uniqueness, accessibility and cost of styling specially if you have to dress up the whole family.

Good thing having custom t-shirt prints can be a viable alternative as not only you can be as unique as you want but it is also very practical as you can re-use your shirt as a casual wear for you and your family – but expect people to take an extra second as you’ll definitely going to stand out.

This article is brought to you by Shirts and Prints PH. Shirts and Prints PH is your custom t-shirt printing service in Manila. For inquiries on how to do your custom t-shirts for your events, uniforms and organizations please click Contact Us.

Top 5 giveaway ideas for your next event, outing, or teambuilding

Ever received a giveaway that you didn’t know what to do with after the event? Something that you didn’t get to use at all?

Been there, done that.

That’s why we asked around for company giveaway ideas, whether for big conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, outings, or teambuilding events, and here’s what people said they wanted:

Customized T-shirt

1. Customized T-shirt

Customized shirts can feel like a cliché, but it’s still the absolute go-to for giveaways. Why? Because everything about shirts is easy: from sizing to designing to printing. All you have to do is to find a good, reliable supplier. Plus, there are shirt printing companies who make use of good quality, comfortable shifts (100% cotton!) [link here], so you can be sure that people will want to keep on wearing your shirt. This means that people can continue promoting your company or brand even long after the event – talk about effortless marketing!

2. Polo Shirt

If you’re planning a big event and you need your staff, organizers, and other volunteers to be in uniform, you can assign them a customized polo shirt, or even a vest. This way, it’s easy to spot them in a sea of people, especially if you’re anticipating a flock of hundreds of attendees.

3. Dri-FIT Teambuilding Shirt

Time to bring out the camaraderie and show some team spirit. Go on and unleash the weekend warrior in you!

Now, what’s a teambuilding event without a team shirt?

Suit up for your office sports fest or corporate teambuilding event with these personalized and customized Dri-FIT shirts. Plus, if your team wins, your shirt can serve as your instant trophy and memento.

Need a rush order in bulk and affordable, wholesale prices? Click here. [link]

4. Caps

Caps and headgears are also a great promotional and corporate giveaway. You can even choose to have either a baseball cap or a sun visor.

If you have a well-designed, custom made premium cap, you can be sure that people will want to have your cap as part of their casual weekend wear. Not to mention, caps also have an amazing marketing potential. Imagine, people who wear caps with your company logo on them can instantly become your brand ambassadors.

5. Canvas Tote Bag

More and more companies are becoming fans of tote bag giveaways for their events. It’s not hard to see why. Nothing seems niftier than these trendy tote bags, which people can use over and over. Plus, it’s eco-friendly too. Tote bags are usually made of biodegradable material, and it keeps people from using plastics. They’re very easy to make too. With a reliable supplier, you can produce silkscreen tote bags in bulk in a matter of days.

These giveaway ideas aren’t difficult to make at all. With a trusted, reliable supplier, these giveaways are good as done.

If you’re looking for a t-shirt printing company in Manila who designs and produces bulk shirts at a low cost, get in touch with Ellison Enterprises today.

Ellison Enterprises is also able to print on polo shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and caps.

Raise awareness and promote your advocacy with a shirt

Want to raise awareness about your advocacy?

Wear it.

That’s right, wear your advocacy.

T-shirts are not just the go-to apparel for a casual day. It is able to express and reflect your interests, beliefs, and values.

T-shirt activism or the spreading of advocacy using shirts has gathered momentum in the last couple of years. Various organizations and individuals have discovered the creativity, subtlety, ease, and wide reach of the use of shirts when it comes to running campaigns, raising awareness, and gathering support for different causes.

How exactly does a shirt manage to help in one’s advocacy initiatives? 1. It sends the message even without saying a word

1. It sends the message even without saying a word

If you want to send a message quickly and effectively, images are the way to go. Often, images evoke emotion more than words can. With an eye-catching and emotion-evoking image that best captures your advocacy, you can raise awareness and gather the support that you need. All it takes is the right t-shirt design, and you will surely be able to spread the word.

2. It allows you to express unity and solidarity

Something as simple as a shirt can be a symbol of your representation and identification with the minority. Let it be your way of saying that you are in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed of our time.

3. It piques interest and serves as a subtle conversation starter

Imagine running into an old time friend, or attending a social gathering wearing a shirt with a statement like this:

Questions are bound to be asked, conversations are bound to be made about your advocacy. Of course it matters that this statement shirt tries to be humorous. This is especially helpful if you are someone who is deeply passionate about your advocacy. Humor can be a good way to have people listen to you more.

4. A picture paints a thousand words

Gone are the days of brochures and flyers. With the advent of social media, people have become intolerant of lengthy text; instead, they have become voracious consumers of images. Eye-catching images are suddenly evocative, and one-word statements are suddenly appealing and full of impact.

5. It confronts without being confrontational

Let’s face it – we are faced with various societal issues today. Not many people however, are comfortable to talk about them. Let your shirt be your way of participating in the dialogue – subtly, yet strongly. Let the subtlety of your shirt be a strong expression of your advocacy, belief, and values.

6. It can empower to take action

The images and words on a shirt need not only inform and educate, but it can also invite a person to a response. All you have to do is provide a “call to action”, and you are not only making the other person aware of your advocacy, but also inviting him/her to participate and take action about the matter.

Convinced yet that shirts are the fastest and most creative way of raising awareness and gathering support for your cause? Send us a message, and allow us to share and take part in your advocacy. At Ellison Enterprises, you can be sure to get high quality shirt printing at low, affordable rates and prices.

Thinking of printing a shirt design? Here are some tips to consider

Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you wear”?

There’s much truth to this than many people realize.

We live in a time where authenticity, self-expression, and individuality are huge priorities. This is why personalized shirts have always been a big thing. People want to wear something that reflects their unique selves.

If you’re thinking of creating your own personalized shirt read on. We’ve put together some pro design tips from the best shirt designers.

1. Concept

Concept is crucial and foundational to your design. It defines the kind of impact that your shirt will have. It provides the form and structure, as well as the theme and overall vibe of your design. To help you come up with your design concept, ask yourself questions like: Who are you? What image or symbol best describes you? How do you want to communicate your self? Is it through humor? Through an abstract, artistic piece?–cms-32799

2. Composition

Composition is the positioning of your design elements. Make sure that you arrange every element intentionally, so that the overall image is not too crowded or not too loosely spaced. Balance is key.

Order and sequence also matter, most especially if you’re dealing with text. Make sure that your text and other design elements interact effectively and coherently.–cms-32799

3. Resolution

If you’re planning to incorporate an image into your design, resolution can make or break your shirt! Pixelized images will definitely ruin your shirt, no matter how elegant the design is or how excellent the printing quality is.

Some t-shirt companies are not too particular about the file format of your image, but they do require a high resolution image. Wondering what resolution goes best for your design? Find out from a shirt supplier here.

4. Color Scheme

When it comes to color, take note that you have to pay attention to two things: the actual color scheme of your design, and the color of the shirt that the design will best go with it. Plus, did you know that there’s such thing as a psychology of colors? There certain color combinations that better convey a message, or provide a particular effect towards people.

5. Font

Two things about font: readability and variation. The words in your design must not only be visually appealing, but also be readable at first glance. If another person takes more than 0.5 seconds to read the text on your shirt, you’re most likely going to have to change the font.

Here’s a pro tip: Variation is key. If you have a pure text image design, mix and match about 2-3 different fonts and sizes.

See the difference?

6. Size and Placement

Size and placement go together all the time. A small image on a plain shirt can be placed on either the right or left side of the chest, and a big image is typically placed at the center, by the chest area. Here’s a simple but crucial tip: never go for a belly print!

Remember that the design is only half the work. The design still needs to be executed – in other words, it needs to get printed. In Manila, Ellison Enterprises is one of the leading shirt printing companies that provide high-quality silkscreen print, even embroidery.

Get in touch with us today. We offer shirt printing services for all types of designs, at wholesale prices, and with no minimum orders.