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Raise awareness and promote your advocacy with a shirt

Want to raise awareness about your advocacy?

Wear it.

That’s right, wear your advocacy.

T-shirts are not just the go-to apparel for a casual day. It is able to express and reflect your interests, beliefs, and values.

T-shirt activism or the spreading of advocacy using shirts has gathered momentum in the last couple of years. Various organizations and individuals have discovered the creativity, subtlety, ease, and wide reach of the use of shirts when it comes to running campaigns, raising awareness, and gathering support for different causes.

How exactly does a shirt manage to help in one’s advocacy initiatives? 1. It sends the message even without saying a word

1. It sends the message even without saying a word

If you want to send a message quickly and effectively, images are the way to go. Often, images evoke emotion more than words can. With an eye-catching and emotion-evoking image that best captures your advocacy, you can raise awareness and gather the support that you need. All it takes is the right t-shirt design, and you will surely be able to spread the word.

2. It allows you to express unity and solidarity

Something as simple as a shirt can be a symbol of your representation and identification with the minority. Let it be your way of saying that you are in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed of our time.

3. It piques interest and serves as a subtle conversation starter

Imagine running into an old time friend, or attending a social gathering wearing a shirt with a statement like this:

Questions are bound to be asked, conversations are bound to be made about your advocacy. Of course it matters that this statement shirt tries to be humorous. This is especially helpful if you are someone who is deeply passionate about your advocacy. Humor can be a good way to have people listen to you more.

4. A picture paints a thousand words

Gone are the days of brochures and flyers. With the advent of social media, people have become intolerant of lengthy text; instead, they have become voracious consumers of images. Eye-catching images are suddenly evocative, and one-word statements are suddenly appealing and full of impact.

5. It confronts without being confrontational

Let’s face it – we are faced with various societal issues today. Not many people however, are comfortable to talk about them. Let your shirt be your way of participating in the dialogue – subtly, yet strongly. Let the subtlety of your shirt be a strong expression of your advocacy, belief, and values.

6. It can empower to take action

The images and words on a shirt need not only inform and educate, but it can also invite a person to a response. All you have to do is provide a “call to action”, and you are not only making the other person aware of your advocacy, but also inviting him/her to participate and take action about the matter.

Convinced yet that shirts are the fastest and most creative way of raising awareness and gathering support for your cause? Send us a message, and allow us to share and take part in your advocacy. At Ellison Enterprises, you can be sure to get high quality shirt printing at low, affordable rates and prices.