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About Us

ELLISON ENTERPRISES CORPORATION was formed in 1997,  What started out as a silk screen printing firm diversified into garments manufacturing branded and commercial Tee shirts for local and foreign clients.  Ellison aims to reach all levels of the market and provide a wide range of quality clothing and superior printing techniques.


  1. ELLISON is a dynamic organization committed to provide quality clothing attuned to the changing fashion trend and become the preferred manufacturer of quality apparel at reasonable and affordable prices.
  2. Ellison is committed to be a progressive company continuously expanding its product line and infinitely improving quality and service to our clientele.
  3. ELLISON ENTERPRISES aims to cater to a wide range of clientele and evolve with the changing demands in the Tee shirt and Printing industry


To ensure that Ellison Enterprises Corporation is able to meet and exceed the demand of its clients it employs well trained and skilled employees.  From our team of Graphic Artists, Cutters to Printers to Quality control specialist the company aims to efficiently and effectively meet our client’s needs. With a thorough process implemented, Ellison Enterprises aims to provide quality work for our customers through its well experienced team.  We are dedicated in ensuring to provide high quality and high standard shirts and print at a very economical price.   

To achieve such goals the company invested in more machines and state of the art sewing and printing techniques.  Through years of extensive research and development, the company has continued to expand and widen its specialization.  Computerized art work and Machine printing system has been put into place to ensure the durability and defined detail of each print for customer satisfaction. The Company has invested in several states of the art Rotary printing machines to ensure that we provide consistent high quality printing.  We ensure our production line goes through extensive quality assurance to guarantee that the printing effect demanded by the Client is achieved. We aim to deliver the best quality possible for our customers.  


  • Plain round neck and collared polo shirts (Wide range of quality and price range)
    • Commercial shirts
    • Election shirts
    • Corporate and give away shirts
    • Branded shirts
    • High quality 100% cotton shirts
  • Customized shirts with combination
    • Round neck
    • Polo shirts
  • Hooded Jackets
  • Drifit material shirts


  • Rubberized
  • Embossed
  • High Density
  • Foil
  • Felt
  • Photographic
  • Discharge
  • Gel
  • Heat press
  • Sublimation print
  • Embroidery


  1. SM Malls
  2. ABS CBN
  3. Island Souvenir
  5. Asia Brewery Corporation
  6. Walker Interfashion
  7. Manila Ocean Park
  8.  Dickies USA
  9.  Philippine Daily Inquirer
  10.  Dunkin Donut
  11.  PLDT
  12.  Red Ribbon
  13. Petron Philippines
  14. Shell Philippines
  15.  Alexander’s Wear
  16.  GMA
  17.  MMDA
  18.  De La Salle University
  19.  University of Sto. Thomas
  20.  Ateneo De Manila University
  21.  San Beda College
  22.  University of the Philippines
  23. PLM
  24.  GSK
  25.  San Miguel Corporation
  26. Coke
  27.  PFIZER
  28. UNILAB
  29. SMART
  30. NOKIA Philippines
  31. Corporate Giveaways
  32. CFC Communications
  33. Advance Paper
  34. Taihsin Garments
  35. Suntrust Properties
  36. Hilmarcs
  37. Philippine Clearing House Corporation
  38. Earist
  39. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  40. Max’s  Pancake House